Craft brewery's gastro pub and shop with more than 200 flavours of local beer
Aristīda Briāna Street 9a

If fine beer that has stood the test of time is dear to your heart, we heartily recommend a visit to the Valmiermuiža Beer Embassy. Over the course of a decade, one of the originators of the “crafty” movement in Latvia, Valmiermuiža has grown from being a small manor brewery in the northern part of Latvia into one of the industry’s best-known and most hospitable players. It takes excellent care of the well-being of lovers of good beer not only in its native Valmiermuiža, but also in the capital Riga. Valmiermuiža’s Beer Embassy has been established in a location, where a century ago, one of the biggest breweries in the Baltics, the Stritzky Brewery was operating at full capacity. At the shop you can buy the best beer brewed in Latvia and other treats to take away with you. 

And, to ensure that the news about wonderful Latvian beer is communicated to the world at large, you’ll also find beer brewed by other brewers here. The Beer Shop has the universe’s biggest selection of craft beer brewed in Latvia.

On tap – 22


A pintsize pub and brewery
Aristīda Briāna iela 9a – 2

At the Labietis beer workshop, you will find beer brewed according to centuries’ old traditions. No secondary ingredients, no essences – if the beer smells like the forest, you can be sure that it contains pine buds. In turn, if it has the fragrance of the meadow – its flavour.

At the workshop, you can enjoy beer brewed on site, as well as watch it being made. Everyone, from the pub landlord to the brewmaster takes part in the brewery’s work, and will thus be able to tell you about how ingredients are collected in forests and meadows, where our ancestors’ yeast is to be found, and how the history and culture of beer in Northern Europe developed. is graced by an abundance of grasses.

When you visit Labietis, leave any preconceptions you may have about what beer should be left outside! Here, you will learn about flavours that draw their power from the wildness of nature.

On tap – 12


Pagan beer, pagan metal
Aristīda Briāna Street 10

Heavy metal and strong beer – Zobens un Lemess is a pub for those who appreciate genuine articles. Men, who have spent decades strengthening the forge of heavy metal music in Latvia, have created a haven for their soulmates. This is a pub where you will always hear the best Latvian and foreign heavy metal music, and where every pagan and folklore expert will find someone to chat to over a pint of beer. If you want to know the latest developments at the heavy end of Latvian alternative music, just stop by Zobens un Lemess, because here you’ll regularly encounter the frontmen of local bands, as well as the impresarios who pull the strings of the local music scene. And, just like genre-specific music, well-brewed beer is also highly esteemed here. If you’re in the process of discovering the offering of Latvia’s small craft breweries, feel free to ask the barmen for their suggestions – they’re experts in their trade, and you can rely on them to look you over and make the right recommendation for an awesome evening.

On tap  6
Bottles – 18


Exclusive craft beers from Baltic breweries
Miera Street 41

When three friends tire of organising parties in their apartment, they go and open a pub. They proceeded to pour the bar counter from concrete with their own hands, design the furniture and create one of the most popular bars among Riga’s creative circles, where parties go on till dawn. The selection of beers is not restricted to Latvia’s best craft beer; this is one of the rare places, where one can enjoy the best offerings from craft breweries from Latvia’s southern neighbour - Lithuania. Moreover, Walters & Grapa is not only a place to enjoy beer and other beverages – the musical programme here is often laid on by Riga’s top DJs, alongside events organised for the pleasure of the landlords and their friends. And, just in case, anyone has any doubts about the creative spirit of this place, just look at the interior in which the main design elements are inspiring characters from the century-old Riga Puppet Theatre. And, last but not least, you’ll often find one of the landlords behind the bar, who will not only ask how you’re doing, but will also pour you the most appropriate beer.

On tap – 8
Bottles – 42


Craft brewery in the heart of Riga
Vagonu Street 21

Nurme is a collective that has independently grown into a brewery and neighborhood bar with 5 draft beers and over 50 bottled or canned beers in the diverse Avoti district. Both within a short walking distance from each other - begin with local beer and crowd experience in the bar and finish with tasting the freshest from Nurme at the brewery.

On tap  5
Bottles – 50


Brewery and taproom
Avotu Street 74

Brewery and taproom Trofeja is a brewpub with cozy and attractive interior and wide variety of locally home brewed beer for all tastes.

Trofeja is the smallest brewery in Latvia with only one kettle of 170 litres per batch. There are 8 taps with changing selection of beers. During the previous year, we have had more than 30 different beers, only a small part of which have ever been available elsewhere.

On tap – 8