Beer is in Latvians’ blood and brewing is part of their DNA. Thus, it is no surprise that the global craft brewery boom found some highly fertile soil in Latvia.

Portentously, the Riga Beer District is graced by three historical breweries: Kimmel, Kunzendorf and Stritzky. Although these giants foundered amidst the turbulence of history, the spirit of beer lives on. After Valmiermuiža Brewery established its Riga Embassy on the premises of the former Stritzky Brewery, one after another, a host of new pubs opened their doors in this neighbourhood, some of which even installed their own brewing apparatus.

Actively encouraged by the founder of Valmiermuiža Brewery, the neighbours decided to join forces and launch the Riga Beer District.  Their goal is to promote the diversity of flavours offered by small craft breweries to both Latvia’s beer lovers and visitors from near and far.

Welcome to a 2.5km route with nine pubs, gastropubs and brew pubs in which you can enjoy over 100 Latvian craft beer varieties!