During the 19th century, Riga was a brewing capital – its breweries operated at full capacity to quench the thirst of both Rigans and lovers of sweet miestiņš beer from near and afar.

The Riga Beer District is graced by three historical breweries: Kimmel, Kunzendorff and Stritzky. Word has it that water especially suitable for brewing flowed from the depths of the earth. Although these giants foundered amidst the turbulence of history, the spirit of beer lives on. After Valmiermuiža Brewery established its Riga Embassy on the premises of the former Stritzky Brewery, one after another, a host of new pubs opened their doors in this neighbourhood, some of which even installed their own brewing apparatus.

The Riga Beer District is comprised of the Labietis beer workshop, the small-scale Ziemeļu Enkurs Brewery, the bars Taka and Walters & Grapa, which sell products made by small breweries, Vest, which is a hang-out for progressive youth, the alternative party epicentre Autentika, Zobens un Lemess, a bar for heavy metal fans, as well as the Valmiermuiža Brewery’s Beer Embassy in Riga. A stone’s throw away, one will find the Alķīmiķis pub and brewery.

With their varying characters and regulars, these nine pubs are bonded by their love of craft beer brewed by true masters, as well as their locations within walking distance of one another.

Its historically significant location and the chance to discover Latvia’s beer varieties in all their diversity make the Riga Beer District an attractive tourist destination for everyone who considers themselves a beer lover and is tired of the mass production of the big breweries. It is a place where beer gourmands meet those in search of surprising flavours, as well as ordinary beer lovers.

With smiles on their faces, the founders of the Riga Beer District call it a small gift to the whole of Latvia and its friends on the occasion of the country’s centenary, offering beer lovers the chance to enjoy beer varieties lovingly brewed by Latvian brewmasters and the hospitality of Riga.



We invite you to discover the Beer District in the friendly company of a knowledgeable guide, and enjoy some outstanding varieties of Latvian craft beer together with plenty of delicious snacks at five pubs.

The tour of the Beer District will begin at the Valmiermuiža Beer Embassy, where your guide will offer you the chance to sample Valmiermuiža’s fine beer, with an accompanying serving of select foods made from the Latvia’s finest natural ingredients.

From there, the tour will take you to three small brewpubs: LabietisZiemeļu Enkurs and Alķīmiķis, where you will get an insight into how real craft beer is brewed and be treated to a surprising adventure in flavours. In turn, the Taka bar is renowned for having one of the widest ranges of beers brewed in Latvia – this is a wonderful opportunity to discover the diversity of Latvia’s flavours.


Tour duration: 3 - 4 hours

Tour start time: 18.00

Tour starting point: Valmiermuiža Beer Embassy, A. Briāna Street 9a, Riga

The excursion can be conducted in English or Latvian.

Price: per 1 person EUR 38, tasting of 12 local beers and snacks included. 

Tours of the Beer District are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by prior arrangement - by calling: +371 20264269 or sending an e-mail to: info@valmiermuiza.lv

*Maximum no. of persons per group: 12.